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“I have been a member and active in ISD for about 15 years. It has enabled me to make network connections in the industry and long-term friends, in addition to serving on committees and the ISD Board. I have been able to take what I learn from our ISD Summits and apply to business when returning to the office. I would strongly encourage someone who is thinking of joining ISD as there are many benefits, including yearlong educational opportunities.”

John Kates

John Kates

Chief Financial Officer Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc / The Seal Specialist

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Welcome TF Seals Manufacturing & Supplies!

Welcome TF Seals Manufacturing & Supplies!

New ISD Member

TF Seals Manufacturing & Supplies began in a factory (Ningbo, China) started in 1985 and produces a variety of cartridge, rubber bellow, metal bellow, O-ring and agitator seals.

A Letter from the President

Josh Hale, ISD President

Well, 2021 has started quite differently than expected, huh? Business has picked up in our little corner of the world and we at MPRC have been working hard to keep up!  I hope you find yourselves in similar situations as the economy comes back to life.

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ISD Benchmarking Reports

2020 Isd Financial Benchmarking Report

In short, this report presents a wealth of financial and operating guidelines. In addition, it provides direct comparisons between your firm and other participating firms.

This valuable information is only available for free to distributor firms that participate in the study. Participants receive the Profit Report and the Profit Improvement Profile.

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April 15, 2021

Joint Sales Workshop: Thriving in a Changing Sales Landscape

Presenters: Jim Pancero and Paul Reilly

April 20, 2021

ITR Economics Monthly Briefing

Presenters: Ian Heller and Alex Chausovsky

May 14, 2021

The Modern Distributor

Presenter: Andrew Johnson

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