ISD offers a variety of tools and services to help educate and develop your workforce.  We recognize that you need multiple options, so we provide face to face opportunities such as the annual Summit, Spring Technical Event, and the University of Innovative Distribution; we also offer the Sealing Your Success e-Seminar series of monthly webinars.  In addition, we provide on-line options such as recordings of presentations, as well as self-paced training materials and books for purchase.

We also offer an on-line directory with links to a number of resources and articles on topics ranging from technical to business.

Metal Gaskets
Expansion Joints
Teflon - Machined and Molded Seals
Mechanical Seals
Rotary Shaft and Oil Seals
Rubber - Molded and Extruded
Soft Gasket Sheeting
Seal Design
Market Knowledge
Business Topics